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Cat in the Hat Film Canister Math

Here is a fun simple project that works great if you are working with children of different ages
or abilities. The discs are available at 

Take a film canister.  Turn it upside down. Cut 2" circles from white fun foam. 
Hot glue thecircle to the top of the canister.  Cut a red fun foam bow and hot glue that to thebottom, open end of the canister.  Hot glue wiggly eyes
onto the canister.  Now havethe children make a hat for the cat
using the discs.
If you are working with young children have them stack all the same
colored discs for a hat. If you are working with older kids, encourage them
to pattern or count to see how many discsthey can build before it tumbles
 over.  It is a good opportunity to count past 20.

Below are printable game cards for a game. Each child gets a cat. 
Print, cut and laminate the cards. 
Put them in a pile.  Each child has to put the designated discs on the cat.
If the child's stack of discs falls over they are out of the game. 
 The last child with a hat wins.
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Below are printable patterning cards. 
Have the child pick a card and recreate the patternon the card.
A blank card is included for your convenience.
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4


Here is a resource for the stackable discs.


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