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Milk Jug Ring Angel

This little angel is made from the inner ring/seal inside some gallon milk jugs.
   In the picture shown, the ring/seal is at the right and the this ring
has already been clipped.  Print the page and cut out the pieces.  Glue the  triangle to the top of the circle.  Use the circle piece as a pattern to cut
 a piece of skin colored felt.  Glue that over the circle.  Cut a piece of pipe
 cleaner into four inch lengths.  Curl the edges up and glue in place.  Use a  marker to make eyes and an "O" shaped mouth.  Glue the legs in place. 
Fold the song sheet in place.  Cut a piece of string, knot it and glue to the back of the angel.  When gluing to the plastic piece, it is suggested
that you use a hot glue gun.  Hang on your Christmas tree.

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