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Feed the Anteater Math Fun

Print the Anteater.  Turn a cereal box on it's side.  Remove the flaps.  Turn
the box on it's side and attach the Anteater to the box.  Cut through the box
on the dotted line.  If you want to reuse this activity, cover the box with clear contact paper or laminate the anteater first and attach it to the box. 
Make sure to cut the hole near the Anteater's mouth.
Print three or more sets of cards.  Cut and laminate them.  You can purchase
ants like the ones below or you can print, cut and laminate the ant page. 
Give each child the same number of ants.  Fifteen is a nice amount.  Have the first  child pick a card.  Have them follow the direction on the card.  If the card shows +2 the child has to pick two more ants.  If the card says -2,
the child feeds two of his ants to the anteater.  The first child to feed all of their ants to the anteater is the winner.
This game can easily be adjusted to the developmental needs of your
children.  You can print only the subtraction cards only allowing the children
to feed the anteater. You can print only the 0-3 version of the cards.
You can have each child start with 25 ants making the game last longer. 

Subtraction Cards 0-3
Subtraction Cards 4-7
Addition Cards 0-3
Addition Cards 4-7

You could use these ants if you prefer.

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