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Tree Felt Pattern

You need either large stiff felt of yardage of felt for this project. 
The felt rectangles are not large enough.
Print the pattern pieces below.  Fold a large green piece of felt in half.  Lay the straight line
of the tree top pattern on the fold.  Pin it down and cut it out.  Cut a tree trunk out of brown felt.  Cut the apples from red felt, the stems from brown and the leaves from green. 
Hot glue them together.  You nee 20 apples all together.  Hot glue 10 apples to the back of the tree.  Put your tree on the felt board with the apple side down.  Now put the 10 remaining apples on your tree.
Use the patterns below to make the animals form the story.
Hot glue works the best for adhering the pieces together.  
Now, have each animal come up and eat an apple off the tree just like in the story. 
Then at the end when they see another apple tree, flip the tree over.

**The tree patterns must be printed on LEGAL paper**
Printable Trunk Pattern
Printable Tree Top Pattern



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