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Apple Bean Bag Circle Time Activity

Apple Bean Bags and Game Idea

Using the pattern below, cut two one apple from red felt.  Cut out one brown stem and one green leaf. 
Pin the leaf into place between the two apple pieces.  Sew around the apple leaving a ” seam making sure to sew the stem on AND leaving a 1” opening along the side.  Fill your bean bag with rice or dried beans.  Sew the opening shut.  Hot glue the stem into place.  If you don’t have sewing ability, you can hot glue the whole project together. 

To Play:  Sit in a circle, the first person holds the bean bag and says:
I like apples,
Yes I do
I like apples
(child's name) do you?
Then the child tossed the bean bag to the person they named.

This is a good game to play in a circle.  Have the children name the person next to them and keep the bean bag going around and around.  This is a great way to get kids to learn each other's names.

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