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Color the Grid Butterfly Craft

Print either the easy or hard version page below.  Have the children color it.  Then accordion
fold the page making sure that you fold the first row to the back side of the paper.  Once that is done,
pinch the black center together and hole punch through all the layers of the page at once. 
An adult will probably have to do this. fold a black pipe cleaner in half.  Give the bottom of the pipe cleaner near the fold a twist.  Now lace one of  the pipe cleaner pieces through the punched hole.  Lay the other piece of the cleaner over the top of the butterfly.  Nowhold
both of the pieces of pipe cleaner together.  Twist near the paper.  Then string a black
pony bead onto the pipe cleaner.  Give the pipe cleaner three more twists.  Pull the pipe cleaners
apart and bend down to make antennae.

Easy Version
Harder Version



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