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Cactus Art Project

**this idea was sent in by a viewer**

Print the pattern.  Trace it onto tag board to make a traceable stencil. 
Trace it onto a piece of cardstock.  Take some Epson salt and mix it with a small amount of water.  Drain off the excess water.  Mix that with green
 paint and let the kids paint the cactus.  The Epson salt crystals will create
a textured surface.  While that is drying give the kids a piece of tissue
paper about 5”wide and the length of the paper long.  Have the kids cut it
into “ wide strips.  Put them in a pile.  Put a twist tie or small piece of pipe cleaner around the tissue paper and twist it tight.  Trim the flower. 
Have the kids glue the flower on once the paint has dried.  Now you have a beautiful desert cactus. 

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