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Friendship Picture Wreath for Classroom

This is SO cute.  It is the size of a large piece of tag board.
The verse reads:

A wreath is round,
It has no end.
That is how long,
We will all be friends.

To make this you will need one large sheet of white tag board.

Take a large bowl and lightly trace a circle onto the middle of the tag board.

Have the children dip a plastic pop bottle into the paint and stamp around
the circle to make a wreath.  This is a great project for turn taking.  After
it is dry, print the words on regular paper and the bow on construction paper. 
Cut out the words and bow and attach them to the tag board as shown.  Cut
out the circles.  Print and cut out SMALL photos of the children.  Attach
them to the circles and glue onto the wreath.  Make sure there is a photo of every child attached to the wreath.  Hang in your classroom.

Bow and Circles


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