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Computer Name Spelling Activity

This is an all time favorite activity.
Print the keyboard from the link below of LEGAL size paper. 
Cut the keyboard out as shown.  Cut a piece of black construction paper to a 9x9" size. Glue the keyboard to the bottom of a piece of construction paper.   Print a cover and enough inside pages for each of the children in your class.  If you are a parent doing this activity at home, you can include grandparents, cousins and siblings. 
Cut the pages out.  Take a picture of each child with your digital camera and print them out in wallet size.  Cut the pictures out and glue into place.  Write the person's name in the space.  Then write the spelling of the persons name below the picture.  Laminate all of the pieces.  Put the pages together and bind.

Link to Printable Keyboard
Printable Cover Page
Printable Inside Pages


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