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Symmetry Milk Jug Lid Bracelet


Take a screw on milk jug lid preferable red, orange, green or yellow.  With an exacto knife “drill”
two holes in the lid.   If you want a bracelet, “drill” the on opposite sides so a pipe cleaner can go
all the way through the lid.  If you want a necklace, “drill” two holes at the top about ¼” apart. 
You will also need to “drill” a hole at the very top.  Cut a piece of brown pipe cleaner 1 inch long. 
Thread it through the top hole.  Then string plastic lacing through it making a pendent or string
a pipe cleaner through to make a bracelet.   Put a fall sticker on the milk jug lid.   
Complete the necklace/bracelet by stringing the beads on.  Take time to talk about symmetry or having the same pattern on each side. 

Printable Adult Instructions
Pictorial Kids Instructions


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