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Fall m&m Tree

Print the tree and laminate if you have plans to reuse the trees year after year.  If you are
sending the trees home with the children, it is not necessary to laminate them.  Have the children
put an m&m in each dotted circle.  Let the children eat the blue m&ms.  The rest of the colors,
yellow, red, orange, brown and green can be used for the tree.  This activity helps children understand the one to one correspondence concept.  If you want you can send the trees along with the m&ms
home with children in a zipper seal bag.  For homework, have the children put the m&ms back on the tree to show their family what they are working on.  Then when they are finished, they can eat the rest.
One regular pack of m&ms will complete two trees. 

Tree in Color
Tree in Black and White


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