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Friend Safari

** Alphabet Safari Shown**

Print the saying and cut it out.  Glue it to the middle of a 12 x 18 inch piece of construction paper. Print photos of your children, cut and glue them around the edges. If you want to reuse these, laminate the paper.  Print
a camera and cut it out including the inside.  Laminate the cameras.  Say
the rhyme along with a letter for the children to "snap" a picture of.  Have them move the camera over the child's photo that you said.  Keep repeating the rhyme adding a child's name as long the children stay interested. 

If you would like children to work on their own, you could print a second set of photos.  Cut and laminate them.  Have the children pick a photo and then "snap" a picture of the matching photo on the construction paper.


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