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Frog on a Log Circle Time Activity

Take a paper towel tube.  Paint it brown.  Print the frogs of your choice. 
Cut the frogs and the words out then laminate.  Hot glue the frogs to half popsicle sticks like the ones shown below.  Using an exacto knife, cut
slits in the paper towel tube and put the frogs in the slit.  Sing the following
rhyme removing frogs as you sing.  If you are working with older children and need ten frogs, make two sets and tape them together making a long
log with ten frogs on it.

Five Green Frogs
Tune:  Happy Birthday
I see five green frogs.
I see five green frogs.
I see five green frogs,
but one hopped away.

colored frogs with rhyme
black and white frogs with rhyme

These can be made by a teacher to use at circle time or can be made
 by students to take home and share with their family.


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