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Table Decoration for Graduation

Paint a toilet paper tube and a paint stick one of your school
colors.  Let it dry.  Take a piece of paper in a different school color and draw a line width wise, 3 from the bottom of the page.  Cut strips 3/8
wide up to the line.  Roll the construction paper into a circle making sure it will be able to fit inside the toilet paper tube.  Staple
 it in place keeping the circle in tack.  Put the fringed construction paper
 into the toilet paper tube.  Print the year page and cut out two sets of numbers and glue them to the toilet paper tube. 
Print the graduate page.  Cut out one set.  Fold it in half.  Sandwich the paint stick between the folded paper.  Glue together.  Insert into the toilet paper tube.  It makes a cute centerpiece for graduation.

Printable Directions
Color Graduate Piece
Black and White Graduate Piece
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