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Hungry Caterpillar Play Dough Idea

This is a fun idea that puts a twist on the story.  Cut a black piece of pipe cleaner 3/4" long.
Bend it in half.  Take a green straw and cut it in half.  Put hot glue on the end of the straw.
Put the pipe cleaner on the glue and then a small amount more of glue, then a red pompom.
Hot glue tiny wiggly eyes onto the pompom.  Put them in your play dough center.
To Use:  Give the kids play dough, rolling pins, mini fruit shaped cookie cutters and the straw
caterpillars.  have them roll out the play dough, cut out fruit with the cookie cutters, and then poke the fruit with the caterpillars.  It makes holes in the play dough so the caterpillar
can eat his way through the fruit just like he does in the story.


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