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Color Recognition Circle Time Fun

Print the pages.  Cut them out and laminate.  Attach to a craft or paint
stick.  Hand the kites out to the children during circle time.  Instruct the children to hold their kite still until their kite color is called.  Once their kite
colored is called, they can put their kite high or low as the rhyme instructs.
 At the last line they can fly the kite as they would like.
This style of activity/rhyme is WONDERFUL for kids.  Their listening skills are
put to the test.  They learn colors, but MOST importantly, you can call
out an antsy child's color so they can get their wiggles out.  This is a nice
way to manage your classroom without constantly correcting a child.

Color Option
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Black and White Version




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