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Ladybug Class Book

Print one cover along with an inside page for each child.  Have the children
color their leaf.  Then have them use a red stamp pad and stamp their fingerprints( "ladybugs" ) onto the leaf.  Then have them use a black
pen to add details to the ladybugs.  Have them count their ladybugs and complete the sentence on the page.  Assemble the pages and bind them
together.  Now practice reading.
For fun you could read the book together.  Tally the number of ladybugs
as you read until you find out how many ladybugs are in the entire class book.
Denise Fleming has a cute book called the everything book.  Throughout the book, ladybugs are hidden in the illustrations.  It might be fun to read the book
along with doing this project.

Inside Pages





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