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Easy Roll and Paint Ladybug

Print the page and make a stencil from light weight tag board using the pattern.  Lay the tag board ladybug stencil on a piece of construction paper. 
Dip the roller into black paint and roll across the stencil covering the red construction paper in black paint.  Carefully lift the ladybug stencil
off the paper to reveal the ladybug.  You can add wiggly eyes if you wish.

For a cute Father's Day Card for little girls to give their dad, have the children fold a piece of red construction paper in half.  Have the girls
make the ladybug print as described above on the front of the card.  In the inside of the card, have the girls write.  "I will always be your little lady. 
Happy Father's Day."

Printable Stencil

Here is an Amazon link for the paint rollers.



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