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Morpho Butterfly Life Cycle Pasta Project

For this project you will need colored pasta and rice. 
You need spiral macaroni colored reddish
for caterpillars, large shell macaroni colored brown for chrysalis and bow
tie macaroni colored blue for butterflies. 

To dye pasta put it in a zipper seal bag, add a small amount of liquid
water color until the pasta is colored the desired amount.  Then lay it out on newspaper to dry.  If you don't have watercolor paints, you can use the rubbing alcohol method.  Put the pasta in the bag.  Add a small
amount of food coloring and rubbing alcohol.  Mix until it is the desired color. 
Lay it on newspapers to dry.

Print a page on cardstock.  Have the children color the leaf and glue a piece of rice to it.  Glue the reddish spiral macaroni to the caterpillar section.  Glue the brown color shell
pasta in the chrysalis section.  Glue the blue bow tie macaroni to the butterfly section.

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