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Flags of the World Mosaics

For younger children, print the page of your choice.  Place it onto a baking
sheet and put round circular Expo brand magnets on each circle to make the design.  For your older children, print the blank page and a design sheet from
below.  Have the child put the blank sheet on the baking sheet.  Have them
look at the printed sheet and reproduce the design using the magnets on the baking sheet.  If you are unable to find the Expo brand magnets you could use
bingo markers, crayons  or pompoms instead.  Purchase circular Expo Brand w
hiteboard magnets.  3/4" colored Expo Magnet are sometimes available at
Sam's Club, sometimes packaged with push pins,  or on EBay.


Canadian Flag
Finland Flag
France Flag
Germany Flag
Irish Flag
Japan Flag
Norway Flag
Russian Flag
Sweden Flag
Tanzania Flag
US Flag

Here is a link for the perfect pan to use.


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