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Penguin Soap Box

This penguin is made from a cardboard soap box.  If you purchase a generic
soap the box might not have a label on it.  In that case, leave the box alone. 
If your soap box (Jello or pudding boxes would work too)
 has a colored label, in advance, spray paint it white. 

Give the children orange and black construction paper scraps to make a ladybug.  The penguin shown is made with a 5" x 5" piece of construction
paper.  The corners were rounded and then the piece was cut in half to make wings.  The head was made by rounding two corners of a 2.5" x 2"
piece of black paper.  The feet are made from rounding two corners of 1.25" x .75" orange rectangles.    The nose and head piece are made
 from orange scraps.  The eyes are the stickers shown below.

If your purpose of the project is art, simply give the children the box and scraps and let them do as they wish.  If the purpose of your project is for
following directions, precut pieces for them and give them directions
to complete the project.



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