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Penguin Writing Prompt


This penguin body is made from a 12x 18 piece of white construction paper.  To make the wings, fold a black piece of 12x18 piece of construction paper in half and cut them
from that.  The feet are made from a regular sheet of construction paper folded in half and cut.  You will have to make you own stencils for those pieces. 
The head pieces and bow are provided below.  
This penguin is great to have the children make as a final project.  Have the kids
decorate the penguin to be the penguin of their choice. 
To make a Macaroni-trace their hand and glue it to the top of the penguins head.  To make a rockhopper, trace your hand, fold it in half-cut on the fold and glue the pieces on near the eyes. 
 To make an Emporer, put an egg at his feet.  To make a chinstrap, put a chinstrap on him. 
To make a Gentoo, put two baby chicks at his feet as they are the only penguins who
raise two chicks.  Attached is a writing prompt.  You can adjust it to the level
of your children.

Writing Prompt
Head Pieces


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