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Pilgrim Boy and Girl Puppets from Toilet Paper Tubes

To make these puppets, paint toilet paper tubes half skin color and half
black.  Cut out two egg cups from a cardboard egg carton.  Paint the boy's
egg cup black and the girl's white.  After they have dried, glue the black egg
cup to the boy and the white to the girl.  Use brown felt to make hair. 
Glue it in place.  Glue on wiggly eyes.  Use felt scraps to make a collar and glue that and buttons onto the puppets.  To make the boy's hat cut two
pieces of black construction paper 3/4" by 4".  Glue one to the front of the hat and one to the back.  Bring the pieces together at the sides and glue. 
Use a yellow scrap to make a buckle.  To complete the girl, cut a scrap of white felt and glue it to the front of the hat.



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