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Puffy Paint Pumpkin Patch

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Give the children a piece of large construction paper.  Have them take a marker and draw a squiggly green line to represent a pumpkin vine.  Have them dip their finger into a green stamp pad and  stamp fingerprints to represent leaves.

Mix up a batch of puffy paint by mixing equal parts of shaving cream and glue.  Mix orange paint with to create
orange puffy paint.  Have the children dab the paint in place to create pumpkins. The children don't
brush this type of paint.  It really needs to be dabbed.  The paint take a day to dry.

Have the children draw pumpkin stems on the pumpkins with a brown marker once the paint has dried.

To extent it into a math activity, have the children count the pumpkins.  To extend it even further add
the amounts together to see how many pumpkins were made by the entire classroom.

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