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I'm a Little Rain Cloud Rhyme

Here is a cute little rhyme to illustrate the water cycle.  You can teach this
rhyme and use it at your sand and water table.  Put packing peanuts in the sand and water table.  Have one child cup their hands together. 
Have another child fill the first child's hands full of packing peanuts. 
When the hands are over filled with peanuts, the packing peanuts will spill
out just like rain spills out of clouds.  It would also work to put water,
cups and watering pots in the water table. 


Iím a Little Rain Cloud

Iím a little rain cloud in the sky.
I pick up moisture as I float on by.
When I get so full I canít hold no more,
I open up and let it pour.

Printable Rhyme


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