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Scarecrow Weather Chart

Make the directional art scarecrow found at this link.  Make sure not to glue
down the top part of the hat brim.  Laminate the scarecrow.  Take an exacto knife and carefully make a slit at the top to the scarecrow's brim.  Print 5 birds
on black construction paper and cut them out.  Print the weather cards on regular paper.  Cut them out and glue to the birds.  Laminate.  Take a small sheet of construction paper, fold in hamburger style leaving 1 1/2" at the top.  Glue along the edges to make a pouch to hold the birds.  Print the saying What is the Weather Today?,
cut it out and glue to the front of the pouch.  Laminate.  Take an exacto knife and cut the slit open.  Store the weather birds in the pouch.  Hang the scarecrow and pouch on the wall.  Have the children identify the weather, find the corresponding card and put it in the scarecrow's hat.

Weather Cards
"What is the Weather"



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