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Grandma's Garden  Hexagon Quilt

Print and cut out the pattern.  Cut out pieces from fabric.  For each flower
 you will need six brightly colored hexagons and one solid colored
center piece. Cut out at least 12 flowers.  In a tradition flower garden quilt,
each flower would have a solid colored center in either yellow or red. 
If you want to stay with quilt history, you may want to use 1930ís
prints from you local quilt shop.  You will also need to cut out twelve white
pieces to go around each flower.  After they are all cut, give the children
plenty of floor space and have them use the pieces to lay out a flower garden quilt.  This is a great hands on activity.  Some children can
be sorting the pieces to make the flowers, others can be laying them out.
It shows children a great practical reason for learning.

Printable Pattern

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Grandma's Flower Garden is a common quilt pattern

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