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Paper Punch Snowflake

This is such a fun project and works with the children on so many levels.  Learning that snowflakes are six sided and symmetrical are just a few things.  Kids will practice patterning
and increase finger dexterity as they use hole punches to punch shapes to complete their snowflakes. 

Each child gets a 9x9 inch piece of light blue construction paper.  Give them four 9x1 inch
long strips of red construction paper to make a frame on their paper.  Have them trace the hexagon shape on white construction paper.  Cut it out.  Glue it to the center of the light
blue sheet of construction paper.  Use small circle and square punches to cut out the shapes
from white construction paper.  Using the shapes, make patterns around the hexagon to create a beautiful snowflake.   These snowflakes make a beautiful bulletin board.

Printable Directions with Hexagon Shape Pattern





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