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Cardboard Snowman Craft

Cut the pattern pieces out of cardboard.  It works best if you can find a piece with no writing. 
Look at the cardboard.  Inside, between the top and back layers are little tunnels. 
Make sure that the inside tunnels in the cardboard run the direction of the arrows as shown on the pattern sheet.  Have the kids paint the pieces, and let them dry. 
Run a pipe cleaner through the tunnels of the cardboard pieces as shown.  Turn the bottom piece of the pipe cleaner over so that the pieces stay on.  Turn the top piece and bend it to make a hanger.  Have the children
decorate it with fabric, markers, buttons, sequins or small pompoms.  This is a great
activity for sizing.  The largest goes on the bottom etc. 
 The snowman shown is not decorated yet. 

Printable Pattern



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