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Turkey Color/Number Activity for Circle Time

In advance spray paint a large cottage cheese lid with brown spray paint
that adheres to plastic.  After it is dry, use an exacto knife to "drill" a hole
 in the center of the lid.  Put a brad fastener into the hole.  Print the feathers on various colored construction paper.  Cut them out and hole punch
them at the hole.  Feed the feathers onto the fastener then bend them the fastener pieces over.  Print the head piece onto brown construction paper. 
Cut out the head.  Cut a nose and beak from paper scraps.  Glue in place
along with wiggly eyes.  Glue the whole head piece over the fastener. 
Print the words.  Cut them out and glue them onto the back of the last feather. 
To use the turkey, put a few of the same colored feathers up.  Gather the rest of the feathers at the bottom to make a handle as shown. 
Now sing the song:

Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb
My turkey has number, color feathers,
number, color feathers, number, color feathers.
My turkey has number, color feathers,
Count them with me.


You could use this for a beginning addition manipulative as well.  Put up two red feathers.  Add two yellow feathers.  How many feathers does the turkey have?
Here is a link for that activity

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