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Turkey Feather Fun

Take a toilet paper tube.  Crease the tube.  Then make another crease
about an inch away making a flat area for the toilet paper to sit on.  Poke
 holes on the opposite side of the flat side.  Print the page on regular copy
 paper OR on construction paper.  Cut out a turkey.  Glue the turkey to the front of the toilet paper tube.  Now, take feathers and have the children poke feathers into the holes. 

This can be used MANY ways.

For little ones, just have them poke feathers into the holes.  It would
be a great one to one correspondence activity.

To make it a color matching activity, print the turkeys on colored
construction paper and have the children match the colors
to the color of the turkey.

To make it a patterning activity, punch the holes in a line and Have them put the feathers in the holes making a pattern.

You can also make this a symmetry activity by having the children put
 a feather in the middle hole and feathers to one side.  Then have them
match the feathers to the opposite side making a symmetrical turkey.

Or you can just make it as a simple craft project letting the children
create the turkey how they wish.

You could also give the children two dice.  Have them roll the dice.  Have them identify the number on each die.  Have them put the corresponding
number of feathers into the turkey, adding the numbers together.
You can have them write the number sentences on a piece of paper.

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