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Watermelon Stand

This simple, easy to prepare dramatic play center will really make learning fractions and counting money fun!

To start, have the kids paint several paper plates as pictured.  After they dry, cut some in half, some into fourths and leave some whole.  Print the Watermelon Stand sign.  Print several order forms. 
Choose one or two children to be the watermelon stand owner and others to be the customers.  Have the owner use the order form and ask what the customer wants.  Once the customer responds, have the owner color in the appropriate amount on watermelon on the order sheet. 
Then have them fill in the amount of money the watermelon costs and total the order.

Printable Watermelon Price Sheet using $.25, $.50 and $1.00
Blank Watermelon Price Sheet for you to program
Printable Order Form




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