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Sunflower Magnet Pages

To use a magnet page, begin by printing off the worksheet.  Purchase circular
 Expo Brand whiteboard magnets.  I have seen them at Sam's Club,
sometimes packaged with push pins, or on EBay.  Have the children
put the paper on a cookie sheet.  I recommend the Bakers Secret
brand one that is 9x13.  Have the children complete the picture by
putting a magnet in each circle. Some people use pompoms or bingo markers with them.  This activity is designed to promote one to one c
orrespondence and letter recognition.   If you have older kids, these magnets can also be used with the Magnet Mosaics.

S is for Sunflower Magnet Page

learning printables for kids
5 is for Five Sunflowers

learning printables for kids
C is for crow and corn

To the Sunflower Page
To the Flower Page

Amazon now carries circular magnets that will work with magnet pages.



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