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Brown Bear Eye Spy Bottle

Clean a clear water or soda bottle and let dry.  Print the pieces page, cut the pieces and laminate them.  Put a small amount of rice in the bottle then put a animal playing piece
in the bottle.  Continue until all of the pieces are in the bottle.  Making sure your bottle
in only about half to two thirds of the way full of rice.  Put the lid on the bottle
and hot glue in place.  Have the children roll the bottle to find the animals. 
If you would like you can print an animal page.  As the children find an animal in the eye spy bottle, they can color it.  For older children, print the check off page. 
As they spy an animal they can check it off the check off page.

For a harder option you can add pony beads of all the colors and leave out the pictures. 
This way the children have to recall the color each animal is supposed to be.

Printable Instructions with Pieces
Word Check Off Chart
Picture Check off Chart


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