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Brown Bear m&m Sorting

Purchase a pack of m&ms for each child.  Print either the black and white or color sorting mat. 
If you have the black and white mat, have the children color it.  If you print the color mats and want to reuse them, laminate them before the children use them.
Give the children the m&ms and have them sort them onto the mat putting the m&ms on the corresponding color.  If you have little ones, that might be enough for the activity. 
If you have older children, print out the chart of your choice and have the children count
number of m&ms on each animal and chart it on the graph. 
If you want to go one step further you can use the animal pieces in a pocket chart and make a large graph. Then you can chart the results of all the children together on one big graph. 
This is an excellent way to show children how scientists collect data. 

Colored Sorting Mat
Black and White Sorting Mat

Colored Chart
Black and White Chart

Pieces for Pocket Chart


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