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Chicka Chicka Magnet Board


Print the patterns and cut them out. 
Fold your green fun foam in half.  Lay the leaf patterns on it.  Cut it out.
Cut a trunk out of brown.  Cut three coconuts out of tan.  Hot glue the pieces
together as shown.  Purchase adhesive backed magnetic tape. Put it on your tree.
Place the tree on your magnetic board.
You can give the children magnet letters.

You can use this many ways. 
You can print the alphabet cards.  Have the children pick a card then find the matching letter.
Chicka Chicka Alphabet Cards

You can print the sight word cards.  Have the children pick a card.  Then Have them spell the word with magnetic letters.
Sight Words-1
Sight Words-2
Sight Words-3
Sight Words-4
Sight Words-5
Sight Words-

You can print small picture of the children.  Cut them out and glue them onto a paper.  Then write the child's name underneath.  Laminate.  Have the children pick a card.  Then have them spell the person's name on the tree.

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