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Parmesan Cheese Container Story Teller

Print the cards below.  Cut them apart and laminate them.  Use an exacto knife to cut the pouring
side off a green lidded parmesan cheese container.

Print the butterfly wings and eyes.  Cut the eyes out.  Adhere them to the container using clear
packaging tape.  Stick a five inch piece of adhesive Velcro (the prickly type) to the parmesan
cheese container.  Use the cocoon pattern to cut a brown piece of felt.  Stick a five inch piece of the same
type of Velcro to one end of the felt.  Cut butterfly wings from stiff felt, which is available
at Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  The circle pieces can be cut from regular felt.  Hot glue the circles to the butterfly wings.  Hot glue Velcro to the center of the butterfly wings.

Now retell the story using the props.  put the food into the caterpillar's open mouth.
Wrap the brown felt around the container then Velcro the wings onto the cocoon.


Butterfly and Eyes

If you need to use up the parmesan cheese, here's a recipe for you to try...

 Parmesan Potatoes


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