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3-D Paper Towel Tube Magnet Tree

Paint an empty paper towel tube brown.  After it is dry, put a crease in the tube.  Put anothercrease in the tube about 1" from the first tube making
a flat area.  Now put adhesivebacked magnets on the flat side.  Print the leaf pattern below.  Trace three leaves onto green
construction paper.  Cut slits in the leaves as shown by the dotted lines on the pattern. Stickthe stem part of the leaf into the tube and glue in place.

This could be placed on a refrigerator, file cabinet or magnetic board. 
Children could usemagnetic letters to climb the coconut tree.

It could also be made by the children.  Magnet tape could be put behind fun foam lettersand it could be a take home project.

Printable Leaf Pattern

Here is the link to printable Chicka Chicka Theme Alphabet Cards that could
be used with thistree.  Have the children pick a card and find the corresponding magnetic letter.

Lower Case
Upper Case

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