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Baking Powder Can Coconut Tree Activity

To make these magnetic coconut trees you need METAL baking powder cans. 
If you can find the ones with a green plastic lid, all the better.  At the time these were made,the cans were available at Super Wal-mart in a generic brand. 
Remove the label and paint the can brown. Print the leaf pattern below. Cut out four leaves fromgreen fun foam.  Cut up the leaf as indicated on the pattern. Put hot glue in the area of the slit.  Stick a popsicle stick into the glue, bend the leaf onto the popsicle stick and hold until it dries. 
Make three more leaves. 

Use an exacto knife to cut four slits in the top of the can's plastic lid(as shown in the illustration) and stick the leaves/popsicle sticks into the slits.  Now use magnet letters to stick to the cans.

These are designed to be used as a center activity but it could also be made by the children.  Magnet tape could be put behind fun foam letters and it could be a take home project.

Printable Leaf Pattern

Here is the link to printable Chicka Chicka Theme Alphabet Cards that could be used with thistree.  Have the children pick a card and find the corresponding magnetic letter.

Lower Case
Upper Case

Watch for a new pattern coming to turn these same baking powder cans into Chicka Chicka 1,2,3 Apples Trees!


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