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Styrofoam Pounder Circles for 1st Day of Winter

To use as lacing cards-
Print the cards.  Hole punch the holes around the edges.

Purchase Styrofoam circles that are about 6” in diameter.  Print the attached pages.  Cut them out and punch the holes.  If you don’t have a deep reaching hole punch to punch the holes on the numbers, use
a hammer and a hollow punch found at your local hardware or farm store.  Put the circles on the Styrofoam.  
Give the kids golf tees and play hammers.  Have them pound a golf tee into each hole.  It’s good for number recognition and for fine motor skills. 

Card 1
Card 2
Card 3
Card 4
Card 5
Card 6
Card 7
Card 8
Card 9
Card 10



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