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Three Blind Mice Glove Puppet

Here is an all time favorite for little ones. 
Purchase a pair of cheap stretchy ladies knit gloves.  Purchase a pack of 3 cat toy mice.  You can
find them in the pet section at Wal-Mart or other similar stores.
Lay the glove on the counter.  Put hot glue on the underside of one of the mice.  Press it
onto the middle finger.  Glue another mouse to the ring finger and one to the pointer finger.
The mice go on the top of your fingers so take care to figure out what hand you want
to wear the glove on and where you are placing the mice.
Now sing The Three Blind Mice.  As you sing, move the mice.  Then when you get to the point
that their tails are cut off, take your hand without the glove on and make a chopping motion
near the tails of the mice. 



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