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Beginning Sound Fun with Golf Tees


This is designed to be a self correcting activity that your kiddos will love.
Print the pages of you choice.  Cut out the pieces including on the dotted line of the blank rectangle.

Take a large legal size envelop and lick it shut.
Fold the envelop in half.  Cut on the fold so you have two pieces.  If you make a whole set, you will need to do this 13 times to have 26 pieces, one for each letter of the alphabet.

Glue the piece with the picture to the front of the envelop.  Run the rectangle AND the envelope through your laminator.  Cut out both pieces. 
Cut along the top of the envelop so that it opens.  Take a hole punch
and punch holes through the envelop on each of the dots.  Take a scissor
and cut out the area of the dotted lines on the rectangular shaped card.
 Look at the photo as an example.

To use:  Slide the card into the envelop as shown.  Have the children
identify the beginning sound of the picture.  It this case apple..."a".  Have them stick a golf tee into the hole under the letter "a".  Then have them
pull out the card.  If the card comes out, they answered correctly.  If the card does not lift out, they are wrong and need to try again.  Have them
return the card and go onto the next card once they get the answer
right.  There is a corresponding picture on each of the cards so that  if the cards get removed from the envelop, children will know
which card goes to which envelop.


Color Version
ab        cd
ef        gh
ij        kl
mn        op
qr        st
uv        wx

Black and White Version
ab        cd
ef        gh
ij        kl
mn        op
qr        st
uv        wx


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