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Beginning Letter Rhyme and Introducing Yourself

learning printables for kids

Print a card for each child with the first letter of their name.  Cut it out.
On the back side of the card, put a picture of the child.  Laminate cards.

Gather the children together.  Have a child stand showing a picture of themselves and say:

My name is Joe. (turn card)
My letter is
Can you say my sound,

Uppercase Letters
A-D    E-H    I-L    M-P    Q-T    U-X    Y-Z

Lowercase Letters
a-d    e-h  i-l   m-p    q-t    u-x    y-z

 If you are working in home environment tweak the activity.  Include cousins, neighbors and grandparents pictures.  Change the rhyme to say.

His/Her name is Joe. (turn card)
His/her letter is 
I can say his/her sound, 


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