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Alphabet Pattern Block Cards

learning printables for kids

Print the pages.  Laminate if you want to reuse them.  Have the children put pattern
blocks over the shapes to create the letter.

Here is a link to the uppercase cards.

Color Version
a    b    c    d    e      
   h    i       k    l
m    n    o    p    q    r      
   u    v    w    x    y    z   

Black and White Version
a    b    c       e      
g    h    i    j    k    l
m    n    o    p    q    r    s   
t    u    v    w    x    y     

Printable Paper Pattern Blocks
Color Version
     Triangles    Trapezoids
Rhombuses    Small Rhombuses    Hexagons

Black and White Version
Squares     Triangles    Trapezoids
Rhombuses Small Rhombuses    Hexagons


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