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"Jesus Died to save ME!" craft or place card

For this project you will need two craft sticks and one film canister for
each child.  In advance cut a slit in the top of the film canister lid using an
exacto knife.  It need to be wide enough for the craft stick to slid in. 
Stick the craft stick in the slit.  Apply hot glue around the slit on both the top
and bottom sides.  Hot glue the other craft stick in place to make the cross bar.  Print the page.  Have the children cut the banner out.  Glue it
to the cross as shown.  Write the child's name one the cross below the cross bar.  Print a small photo of the child to the film canister as shown. 
In the photo, the cross was colored with a brown marker.  You can
decided if you want to do that.  The name doesn't show up very
well if you do.

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