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Paint Stick Felt Board

Print the pattern and letters.  Use stiff felt for this project.  It is available at
Hobby Lobby and area Michael's stores.  It comes in 12 x 18 sheets and cost
about $1 per sheet. Cut an 11 x 2 1/2" piece of brown.  Using a scissor cut an
angle off the corners of the top part of the trunk as shown.  Hot glue it to a paint stick.  Sherwin Williams is always very generous in giving away paint sticks.  Print the pattern. 
Using the leaf pattern, cut out four pieces of green felt.  Fringe
the bottoms as shown.  Hot glue in place.  Cut out the letters.  Laminate them.
 Glue the saying to the back of the tree. 

Now place a letter on the tree.  Say the rhyme.  Have the children identify the letter.  You could also put several letters on the tree and have the children name
 one of the letters.  Switch letters and continue as long as the children
are interested. 


If you are working with a small group of children, use the assessment sheets
to see what letters your children need to practice.  Then make sure you program the tree to practice the letters your child needs to review.

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