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Class Room Reader for Kitty's Week

This reader features full size pages.  It is designed so that you can read
 it for circle time.    There is a half page version of this book available
so that each child may have their own copy.  Print the pages, follow the instructions below.  Read!

 Page 1
 Page 2
 Page 3
 Page 4
 Page 5
 Page 6
 Page 7


 Print the pages.  Then do the following
activities on each page. Monday-paint splashing water with water paints
Tuesday-sponge paint dirt using brown paint and a sponge
Wednesday-rip pieces of newspaper and glue on to make garbage
Thursday-have the children cut tinfoil in the shape of a pan and glue on Friday-have the children glue scraps of fabric to the page for clothes
Saturday-glue two pieces of matching fabric onto the page for curtains
Sunday-have the children complete the sentence and illustrate
Print a Kitty for each child.  Have them color it as the choose.  After the book is bound, punch a hole in the Kitty and through the book near the binding. 
Tie one end of a piece of yarn to the book and the other to Kitty. 
Now the children can manipulate the Kitty as they read the book.
By doing all of these activities for each page, the children will have a better understanding of how messy the kitty really was.
To reinforce the days of the week concept, you could complete one page each day. This emergent reader can be printed two different ways. 
You can print it so that you get two pages of a page on one page or
you can print it so that there are two different pages on each page.




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