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Cowboy Baked Beans

Cowboys on the trail often ate baked beans.  Here is a recipe that can
be made in the crock pot.  There is a classroom recipe and a recipe to send home for families.

Soak one pound of beans in water overnight.

Drain.  Cover beans with fresh water.
 Add one teaspoon of baking soda to water.  Boil until
the skins crack.
Put the beans in a crock pot.  Add one chopped onion.
Add a half pound of cut up raw bacon.
Add cup brown sugar.
Add cup molasses.
Add 2 teaspoons dry mustard and teaspoon salt.
Add one tablespoon liquid smoke.
Add two tablespoons ham stock and one cup of water.

Bake on high for four hours.

Classroom Recipe
Family Recipe



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