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3-D Dinosaur Sculpture

This dinosaur is made out of magic nuddles.   They are available at
Hobby Lobby as well as school supply catalogs such as Discount School Supply.   Once the nuudles are dipped onto a damp washcloth, they will stick to whatever you set them on.  If they
are left in water for a period of time, they will eventually dissolve.  Some packing peanuts
work the same way.  If magic nuudles are not available to you, you could use any type of packing peanuts and glue for the same affect.   The shown sample is done in green nuudles
but I think it would be great to do it with white and pretend they are museum fossil
exhibits.  The children could complete a “report” on their skeleton, then you could put them all together as a museum exhibit. 

Base Paper
Pictorial Child Instructions
Page for Museum Exhibit


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