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Ptronodon Toilet Paper Tube Puppet

Here is the pattern for a ptronodon made from a toilet paper tube.  Paint tube and let dry. 
Cut two wings out of construction paper and a tail.  Fold a piece of construction paper
 in half.  Place the noted part of the head on the fold of the construction paper. 
Cut out making sure the folded part is not cut.  Glue the head into the tube as shown. 
Glue the tail to the bottom and glue the wings on.  Let dry.  These fly around so cute on the kidsí fingers.  You can use them with the attached rhyme.

Tune:  Mary had a little lamb
I am a ptron-o-odon
I am a ptron-o-don
Watch me fly!

Directions with Rhyme
Pattern Pieces





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